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Rolf Bodyworks is located on a quiet country road in North Sterling, CT, not far from Route 6.  Here, I offer an avenue for those of you who are interested in exploring and being curious about the healing potential that is locked inside your body. Through therapeutic bodywork, movement exercises and somatic education, my aim is to help you make a connection to a deeper part of yourself that wants to live more consciously in health.

Taking the necessary steps to honestly care for yourself can be one of the most important things that you do in your life.  Participating in the process of managing your own healthcare and not waiting until you are sick or hurt is empowering and cultivates an ability to become more sensitive to your own needs.  You become stronger, more vital and less prone to illness.

Here at Rolf Bodyworks, you can set up a schedule that works with your life and what your body needs. It’s worth the trip.

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