Pay It Forward Program

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I started the Pay It Forward Program two years ago. There are a certain number of people out there that are not in a position to pay for some therapeutic bodywork, despite their apparent need. Perhaps their shoulder is bothering them or they have a problem with low back pain that is interfering with their ability to go to work or to simply function on a day to day basis. Sometimes life is just too stressful and a relaxing Swedish massage is needed to help someone get back on track. The Pay It Forward Program is an affordable way to get the massage/bodywork that you need so that your life can continue in a manner that is now pain/stress free.

This is how it works. It is simple. You are stressed. You need a massage. You book an appointment. When you arrive, you only pay what you can afford and deposit cash only into the slot of the Pay It Forward box. You are actually paying for the next person in line and the previous person already paid what they could afford for your treatment. You owe nothing more. Cool, eh?  Now, you receive your massage, leave without stress and spread joy and happiness, (rather than crankiness) throughout the land. Yay!

Booking a session is easy and can be done over the phone or by using the online scheduler at

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