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Sawadee! For 2020, a new format is being offered for Thai Massage training. The 32 hour (32 CE) certificate program will be offered as 4 modules. These modules will be spaced 3 weeks apart, offering you time to practice and making each class easily affordable. This 4 module format will be offered continually throughout the year, so that if you miss one module you will have the opportunity to take it at a later date. It is suggested that you begin with Module 1, but it is not necessary. There will also be several advanced classes offered as well. 4 day intensives will be offered a couple of times a year for those who enjoy total immersion.

Advanced Corrective Bodywork classes will continue to be offered in a 2 day format. This class is an introduction to a deeper understanding of fascia, touch as a form of communication and some simple neurological approaches to reflex release.

This spring I will be offering Somatic Bodywork: An introduction to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration for those who are curious and might be considering applying to a school that teaches this wonderful modality.

An $100 refundable/transferable deposit in advance is required to reserve your space in class. Balance is due on the first day of class. Class size is limited to 10. A minimum of 4 students are required to run a class. There may be instances where the class dates change due to low enrollment.  Class date change decisions will be announced 5 days prior to class start. 

Somatic Bodywork – An Intro to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Dr. Ida Rolf developed the 10 series of Structural Integration as a means of promoting further growth and evolution of the human species. The work she created changes structure so dramatically, that it also changes the way the client perceives the world and how they inhabit their body. In two days you will be introduced to the philosophy and method of Rolf Structural Integration. An excellent class for those who are interested in pursuing further training in this amazing modality or want to receive the 10 series. $400 14 NCBTMB CE’s

Advanced Corrective Bodywork

This 2 day class is about refining your sense of touch and what is required to evoke change rather than forcing change. Corrective bodywork borrows from Structural Integration, Osteopathy and neurological approaches. You will learn a side-lying session that is unique and effective. Lots of practice on the table and a fair amount of new material will get you thinking outside the box.
Students who are interning the class again, may make a donation to the Pay It Forward Program on arrival. $400 14 NCBTMB CE’s.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a 2500-year-old traditional application of a hands-on approach to health and well being.  It is both a healing practice for the receiver and the giver. When done in the proper spirit, it is a meditation. It is about Metta, loving kindness or benevolence. Metta is the first of the four sublime states and one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of Buddhism. The cultivation of benevolence is a popular form of Buddhist meditation. 

Here at Rolf Bodyworks, I strive to share what I have learned, exactly as my teachers shared it with me. No mixing of Western techniques or concepts. Class begins with Wai Khru and prayer and ends with prayer.  My aim is to offer students an authentic experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The sequence I teach is a very traditional approach to Thai Massage that can be seen anywhere in Thailand. As you progress with learning, you will move away from sequence and form your own “prescription” that meets your client’s needs. As you know, every path has a beginning. Let’s start there and see where it takes us.

Module 1 This is the first step to learning Thai massage. This class will demonstrate Thai massage in the supine position. Feet, legs and arms will be addressed.  An introduction to Sib Sen and “levels of the body” begin in this class.  Sen or lines are the energy pathways we follow in the body. 8 hours $150

Module 2 This class will demonstrate Thai massage in the prone position. Feet, legs and back will be addressed. A deeper understanding of Sen Ida and Pinghala will be introduced. 8 hours $150

Module 3 This class will demonstrate Thai massage in the ‘seated’ position.  Arms, shoulders, neck, and back will be addressed. Stretches and twists will be demonstrated as well. 8 hours $150

Module 4  This class will demonstrate Thai massage in the side-lying position. Feet, legs, hips, shoulders and back, ribcage, arms and neck will be addressed. More work with Sen Ida and Pinghala and Sen Kanlataree. Side-lying position is very useful for clients who are uncomfortable in prone or supine position.   8 hours $150

Advanced Classes

 5 Element Theory– The student will be exposed to the idea of the 5 Element Theory and how it can offer a deeper understanding of how Thai Medicine is connected to Thai massage. Windgates, wind management, application of massage for different elements, pulse diagnosis and heart points will be addressed in this class.  8 hours $150

Chi Nei Tsang

This class will demonstrate abdominal massage. This work regulates the wind in the digestive system, increases agni, and balances the elements and the emotions.  4 hours $75

Chi Nei Ching (Tok Sen)

This class will demonstrate muscle/tendon massage using the Tok Sen technique. Includes basic Tok Sen tools. 8 hours  $200